Prime Opportunities, Inc. is a recruitment agency that specializes in placements of Filipinos in key cities overseas. Having valued clients in the US, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, it is Prime’s core thrust to bridge the gap between employers' manpower needs and the Philippines' surplus in competent, professional and skillful manpower.

The Prime Advantage

Relationships and Results Driven

Prime provides a personal, hands-on service hinged on a relationship that mutually benefits employer and the employee. Through this, we deliver effective people management – our people towards their careers, and our clients towards their goals.

Smooth and Complete

Involved from the Pre-Employment Stages (i.e. submission of documents, screening process, etc.) until the actual Hiring Phase (i.e. interview, visa processing, etc.), Prime guarantees an open communication line, securing a smooth transition and successful partnership among all players.

Excellent Manpower

Our promise to both employers and employees is mutual satisfaction – achieved through an intensive screening program that secures only the most qualified professionals and workers, meeting world standards.

Why hire Filipinos?

Prime takes pride in offering qualified personnel for the Client’s needs. Filipinos have always been known to be hardworking and dependable. They are highly motivated, dedicated, ethical, and are fully committed to each and every assigned responsibility. Schooled in an educational system based on American standards, Filipinos are fully bilingual and speak English clearly and eloquently. Raised in a country of mixed cultures coming from the East and West, Filipinos easily adapt, and even thrive, in different social, cultural and work settings.